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GX460/470 Rock/Entry Light Kit

Light Kit
Switched Function
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This is a complete plug and play rock light kit for GX460/470's. The harness requires zero cutting, crimping, splicing of any wires, completely plug and play! These will act just like the OEM running board lights that light up when unlocking and opening the doors.

Each harness is made up of high quality 18 gauge cross link wire, the wires are then covered with braided sleeving and Raychem heat shrink. We pair our harnesses with high quality Deutsch connectors and Yazaki OE connectors.

We offer each harness with and without a switchable on/off function - please note this will require additional work. With this option we include a flying lead that is to be used with a grounded switch. The OEM courtesy light function still works with our switched variants.


  • 100% Plug and Play - No cutting or splicing required
  • High quality connnectors
  • Switchable on/off function*


  • 2 or 4 - Light harnesses
  • 4 or 6 - Cool white LED rock lights
  • Rock light mounting hardware
  • OEM chassis side connectors and pins
  • Flying lead for switched use*

Click here for installation instructions

NOTE: Brackets are not included at this time. We do plan to have them available some time in the future.